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Install HiSPARC

The installation of the HiSPARC software is simple. We use one installation package that installs all necessary software on the HiSPARC detector PCs. Namely two programs to read the HiSPARC electronics and a possible weather station, as well as programs that download updates, monitor the status and send the measurement data to the central storage. Be careful that there is not an old version of the HiSPARC software installed on the PC, that can cause problems!

More details on HiSPARC software can be found here:

HiSPARC Installer
HiSPARC Installer
Installer package for Windows 10.
Download Installer

HiSPARC Source Code

All code packages, the software on the HiSPARC stations, software for storing the data on the server and displaying the data from the stations are online in a place where everyone (!) can easily access them:

View source code on GitHub

HiSPARC Software Documentation

Documentation of all software packages can be found here: HiSPARC Documentation , this is usually in English.

HiSPARC and Python

The measurement data from the HiSPARC detectors are collected by the computer at the measuring station and regularly sent in packets to the HiSPARC server at the Science Park in Amsterdam. In fact, there are several servers here. There is a server to store the raw data, there is a server with the derived data and of course there is a server for internet applications. In fact, there is even a separate server where you can run Jupyter Notebooks. The server for the derived data and the Jupyter Notebook server are important to us.

HiSPARC data
Two types of data can be distinguished:

  • Data from the measuring stations, such as the condition of the measuring station, can be found on HiSPARC data . Maintenance manuals are available. The following information is important for the interpretation of measurement data:
    • the location of the GPS antenna
    • the location of the detectors in relation to this antenna
    • the tensions of the PMT
  • Data from the measurements per detector
    • the height (actual) depth of the measured pulse
    • the area of the measured pulse
    • the time of the measured pulse

For a proper interpretation of the HiSPARC data, both species must be considered. This can be done, for example, in class with the jSparc computer practical.

Available notebooks

  • 01 python data retrieval This notebook allows you to retrieve measurement data from a selected station for a period of time.
  • 02 HiSPARC API This notebook can be used to retrieve data from the stations.