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The home page of the HiSPARC public database contains an overview of all measuring stations, where you can immediately see the status of stations based on status indicators. By choosing a station, summaries of each day (the entire past up to yesterday) can be found in the form of graphs.

A history overview of the configuration of a station can also be found here. Additionally, there is a more specific description of it's status which can be used to identify problems. The graphs also provide insight into the quality of a station's data. Each graph has a source button that allows users to download data points on the graphs as a .csv file (text file with tab-separated columns).

You can also select a specific station and set a range of dates and download that dataset as a .csv or view it in the browser. The data is downloaded from the derived database, which means that the data has already been partially analyzed. The data contains information about the particle density in the detectors and the precise arrival times in each detector.

HiSPARC Public Database
Live HiSPARC Data from stations all over the world.
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